Thursday 2 July 2020

#IEFabLife: The Luxury Lifestyle of Marcelo

Today's #IEFablife interview features 26 year old Marcelo who will give us an insight into what luxury lifestyle actually means. Enjoy.   

Ikoyi EliteBriefly describe yourself.
MarceloMy name is Marcelo and I am 26 years old. I grew up in Mallorca but have lived in London for nearly 10 years now.

Ikoyi EliteWhat does luxury mean to you?
MarceloI think luxury to me means something that is not readily available to everyone. This can be an object or an experience at ANY price point.

Ikoyi EliteWhat luxury item can you not live without?
MarceloI am not sure if this qualifies but my perfume, Tom Ford Noir de Noir. I have worn it for 3 years now and people now recognize it as my scent.

Ikoyi Elite:  What is your favourite vacation destination and why?
Marcelo:  I love Madrid. Great food, great people great atmosphere. However, Rome is a close second.

Ikoyi Elite:  If you were to pick a restaurant which would it be and what dish and wine would you order?
Marcelo: My favourite restaurant is Amazonico in Madrid (the London branch is terrible in comparison). I don't drink wine but in terms of dishes, you HAVE to order the "Chocolate al Moctezuma".

Ikoyi Elite: What is your beauty regimen like?
MarceloSuper simple. Morning - Wash my face with water, light weight moisturiser - La Roche Posey is my usual but during lockdown I ran out and started using the Nivea body cream and its been great.

Night time - Cleanse (Dermaquest BHA cleanser or Dr. Emanuel Paleco ), hyaluronic acid serum (Dr Emanuel Paleco), retinol 0.5 prescription strength and moisturiser (same as morning).

Ikoyi EliteWhat are your favourite designer brands?
MarceloI am a fan of Christian Dior and Fendi. I used to be a Louis Vuitton  fan but its gone downhill in my opinion.

Ikoyi EliteWhat is your favourite movie?
MarceloIn Time by Andrew Niccol.

Ikoyi EliteWhat luxury vehicle(s) do you own?
MarceloIn London I ride the tube like most people. I think owning a car here is pointless as it takes longer to get anywhere and then parking is a nightmare however, in Mallorca I have a Mercedes A class AMG 2019 model.

Ikoyi EliteWhat is your most expensive luxury item?
MarceloProbably something passed down to me from my parents.

Ikoyi EliteWhere do you like to party?
MarceloNight Clubs.

Ikoyi EliteWhat is your real estate preference? Hotel-style penthouse or country estate?
MarceloHotel-style penthouse 100%

Ikoyi EliteWhat advice do you have for anyone aspiring to live a luxurious decadent lifestyle?
MarceloDon't spend more than you can afford. Spend within your means. I set aside 400 pounds from my pay check every month and that pot of money goes towards my purchases (this does not include travel).


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