Saturday 24 October 2020

Wristwatch Review: Olivia Burton Rainbow Bee Demi Parma Violet & Gold Watch


Olivia Burton is a British Accessories brand founded in 2012. The brand creates watches, jewellery, accessories and home fragrance. In 2017, the Olivia Burton brand joined the Movado Group which boasts a good number of wrist watch brands in its stables including Ebel, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and of course Movado. 

This review based on my personal experience. I bought this wrist watch 7 weeks ago as a casual fashion accessory and my purchase was based solely on its eye-catching design. 

The Rainbow Bee Demi Parma Violet & Gold wrist watch is a beautiful, colurful piece. It has got a violet strap and white dial adorned with eleven Swarovski crystals markers of various vivid rainbow colours. The yellow gold ion-plated case is 34 mm in diameter. It has got a water resistance of 1 ATM and quartz movement.

The parma violet leather strap feels flimsy to touch and this fact made me a little hesitant during the purchase but I went ahead anyway because the purpose of buying the watch as I explained earlier, was to have a casual, colourful, fashionable watch and not an investment or long-term use timepiece. I was also concerned about the possibility of the Swarovski crystal markers falling out of place.

Well I have worn this wrist watch occasionally for the past seven weeks and my concern about the somewhat weak strap turned out to be justified because the leather strap has already split into two length-wise. The watch has been well taken care of and the straps have not been exposed to water, adverse conditions or beauty products and chemicals. The wrist watch is also stored in a jewellery box. I believe seven weeks is too early for any well cared for wrist watch to start showing evidence of wear and tear like this even on children's' watches.

Apart from the issue with the wrist watch strap, everything else with the wrist watch looks and works fine. The Swarovski crystals are still in place, so the flimsy strap would probably not deter someone who really wants to buy it as they can explore the possibility of changing the strap to one of substantial quality.

Photo Credit: Olivia Burton website and Amy O

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