Tuesday 12 January 2016

Luxury List Volume 1

                                    Apollo hock glass by Saint Louis

                                    Price:   £285.58/ 81,045.90 each

                                  ECRUIS ‘Ariane’ Champagne cooler

                                     Price:   £322.69/₦ 91,577.50


               FORGE DE LAGUIOLE  Jean-Marie Wilmotte steak Knives
                              Price:    £75.83/₦21,520.10 each

                            KOCH & BERGFELD gold plated Baroque cutlery
                Price:  £3,222.85/₦914,625 for one place setting consisting of:
Dinner spoon                       £333.98/₦94,781.50
Dinner fork                           £333.98/₦94,781.50
Dinner knife                         £264.61/₦75,094.70
Standard soup spoon          £305.75/₦ 86,770
Dessert/starter fork              £280.74/₦79,672.3
Dessert/starter knife            £204.10/₦57,922.3
Fish fork                              £301.71/₦85,623.5
Fish knife                             £301.71/ ₦85,623.5
Salad fork                            £488.07/₦138,511
Individual butter/fruit knife   £204.10/₦57,992.30
Fruit fork                              £204.10/ ₦57,992.30
            24 place settings cost   £77,348.40/₦21,951,000.00
Yes, to host 24 friends to dinner at your home will cost ₦21,951,000 just for the Flatware but never mind you can re-use them. See you next time when I post the next luxury list.

Picture credit: Artedona


  1. What? See me thinking my Villeroy and Bosch was the best.

  2. 22 million Naira just for cutlery then how much will plates, glasses food etc cost?


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