Saturday 20 January 2018

Luxury List Volume 8

                                        Margot McKinney Cookie Drop Earrings. £17,210

                                                                     Marco Bicego Bracelet. £4,681.12

                                                             Marina B. Bracelet. £5,201.25

                                                                Marco Bicego Earrings. £2723

                                                            Marco Bicego Bracelet. £2723

                                            Marco Bicego Necklace.  £5,828

                                               Paul Morelli's Cabochon Bracelet. £1,912.22

Tamara Comolli Mikado's Flamenco Candy Cabochon Bracelet. £38,010.39

Monica Rich Kosann's 18K Gold Locket Necklace with Diamond Center. £12,944.82

                                            Margot McKinney Earrings. £20,269.56

Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold Paradise Five Strand Mixed Stone Bracelet. £3,198.32

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Prices are correct at the time of publishing

Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus Website

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