Monday 17 October 2016

#IEFabLife: The Luxurious Lifestyle of Kyle Parsons

Ikoyi Elite is proud to announce the launch of #IEFablife . This is a feature that will give readers an insight into the enviable luxurious lifestyles of wealthy individuals. This first ever #IEFablife interview features the handsome, jovial Kyle Parsons.  Kyle is a 22 year old recent university graduate.  With a degree in Business Marketing, Kyle has helped co-found a mobile compatible web application that is launching in early 2017. He has been labeled as one of the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram,” and enjoys travelling. Read what Kyle has to say about living the luxury life.

Ikoyi Elite: Briefly describe yourself.
Kyle Parsons: My name is Kyle Parsons, a 22 year old recent college graduate from a private university. I enjoy fashion, traveling, and modeling on the side. I live for the finer things in life and I'm not shy about it.

Ikoyi Elite:  What does luxury mean to you?
Kyle Parsons: It means being able to do what you want with little to no restraints.

Ikoyi Elite: What luxury item can you not live without?
Kyle Parsons: My Louis Vuitton travel bag. I also have a lot of skincare products that I have to have at all times.

Ikoyi Elite: What is your favourite vacation destination and why?
Kyle Parsons: I love Denmark and London! Denmark has some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and I love London for the shopping and the theatre.

Ikoyi Elite: If you were to pick a restaurant which would it be and what dish and wine would you order?
Kyle Parsons: Picking a restaurant in my area, I would have to say either the Portland City Grill or Ruth's Chris. I would order a steak (medium rare plus) or a Cobb salad with a red wine. I like Cabs or Merlot.

Ikoyi Elite: What are your favourite designer brands?
Kyle Parsons: Hermes and Louis Vuitton. But Louis Vuitton was my first love, and Hermes came after.

Ikoyi Elite: What is your favourite movie?
Kyle Parsons: I love horror, so the Scream movies are my all time favorites!

Ikoyi Elite: What luxury vehicle(s) do you own?
Kyle Parsons: I don't own any, My dad does.

Ikoyi Elite: What is your most expensive luxury item?
Kyle Parsons: it's not really expensive, but more my favorite. It's a $5000 custom made cashmere trench coat from a designer in Asia. I love it! 

Ikoyi Elite: Do you prefer yacht parties or nightclubs?
Kyle Parsons: Depends on the yacht and the club. I enjoy both, but it depends on the setting and environment.

Ikoyi Elite: What is your real estate preference? Hotel-style penthouse or country estate?
Kyle Parsons: Hotel style penthouse.

Ikoyi Elite: What advice do you have for anyone aspiring to live a luxurious decadent lifestyle?
Kyle Parsons: Follow what you enjoy, and make sure you're the best at it.

Thanks for sharing your lifestyle with us Kyle.

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