Tuesday 11 October 2016

Savelli Luxury Smartphones

Savelli Ruby Passion Phone in 18-carats yellow gold set with 144 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.62 ct) with heart set with 395 brilliant-cut rubies (4.72 ct).

Savelli is a luxury handmade smartphone created in Switzerland by  the same techniques harnessed in crafting  luxury watches and fine jewellery by a company called Savelli. This smartphone has been designed with women in mind. The Savelli collection is recognizable due to its unique and elegant design inspired by the Line of Grace, a timeless concept of beauty and femininity.

Savelli Champagne Diamonds Phone in 18-carat rose gold set with 395 white and cognac diamonds  (4.68 carats).

The phones come in different variants, bearing names such as Emerald Insane, Emerald Night, Champagne Diamonds, Black Insane, Ardent Red, Emerald Iguana, Diamond Rain or Classic Camarel.  All the phones feature a unique almond-shaped body covered with premium materials. The front is graced by a sapphire glass touchscreen while exotic leather  such as ostrich, python and iguana leather covers the back . Precious metals and gems like sapphires, emeralds and diamonds are also used in designing these  magnificent smartphones. 

Savelli Emerald Iguana Phone in a mix of polished stainless steel and 18-carat red gold and Emerald Iguana leather.

Savelli phones can simply be viewed as modern pieces of fine jewellery for women. The phones boast touchscreen smartphone technology powered by Google Android operating system, with the most popular applications preloaded. The ringtones are exclusive to the brand and are created by one of the most popular French DJ and music artist, Stephane Pompougnac, who has played in prestigious Parisian clubs.

Savelli Classic Caramel Phone in 18-carat rose gold and Caramel Nappa leather.

The luxury smartphones are sold in the most important department stores throughout Europe including Printemps Haussmann in Paris, and Harrods in London. The cheapest Savelli models can be ordered for about $9000 (₦2,804,990), while the most expensive variant called Emerald Insane can be had for $244,000 (₦76,046,300).

Savelli White Ice Phone in 18-carat rose gold and White Alligator leather.

The two most expensive models are limited to only 27 pieces. The hand-made Emerald Night, is embellished with 400 brilliant-cut emeralds (which amounts to about 3 karats) and comes with an 18kt rose gold body with an Ultra-BombĂ© sapphire crystal screen. Only 19 pieces will be released, each priced at $71,000 (₦22,128,200).

Savelli Emerald Night Phone

The Emerald Insane, on the other hand, includes baguette-cut emeralds and brilliant-cut diamonds and comes with an Ultra-BombĂ© sapphire crystal screen set in 18-carat white gold. It is encrusted with 75 (4.5 carats) of emeralds and 900 (nearly 12.5 carats) of diamonds. It is even more exclusive than the previous model, with just 8 pieces being made available with a price tag of $244,000 (₦76,046,300) each.

Savelli Emerald Insane Phone.

These phones are owned only  by the truly fabulous, beautiful and exceptionally elegant ladies.

PHOTO CREDIT: Savelli Website: http://www.savelli-geneve.com/en/

Prices are correct at time of publishing .


  1. And here I was thinking that Vertu was the best phone on the market.

  2. Are there any Nigerians who own one of these?


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